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Emergency Management

Brad Wright

Emergency Management Director


220-B Washington St.


Clinton, Missouri, 64735


Office: 660-383-1061

Cell: 816-806-7704



Mission Statement

“… to plan for and exercise for natural and man made events and incidents to save lives, property, and infrastructure of Henry County”


The duties outlined below are typical of those performed by the local Emergency Program manager during non-emergency periods:

  • Identify and analyze the effects of hazards that threaten the jurisdiction.

  • Keep the chief executive of the jurisdiction fully informed on emergency management activities.

  • Work closely on a cooperative basis with the departments of local government and community organizations in developing emergency management plans and capabilities.

  • Work with local officials in the development of a hazard mitigation program to eliminate or reduce potential hazards.

  • Know where to get resources from governmental and private sector sources that would be needed in an event or incident.

  • Identify resource deficiencies and work with appropriate officials on measures to correct them.

  • Develop an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) as a site from which key officials can direct and control operations during an emergency.

  • Work with local communicators to develop a communication system to be available for an event/incident.

  • Establish a system to alert key public officials and warn the public in the event of an emergency/incident.

  • Establish an emergency public information system.

  • Assist in the development of continuity of government procedures and policies.

  • Establish and maintain a shelter and reception and care system.

  • Assist emergency personnel in seeking training.

  • Develop a public education program.

  • Develop a test and exercise program.

  • Assist in the establishment of mutual aid or cooperative assistance agreements to provide needed services, equipment, or other resources in the event of an emergency.

  • Prepare, submit, and justify the annual emergency management budget.

  • Secure technical and financial assistance available through state and federal programs.

Floodplain Management Ordinance

FEMA Flood Plain Maps

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