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Associate Court

Judge Harold L. Dump


100 West Franklin


Clinton, Missouri 64735


Telephone: (660)885-7236


    The Associate Circuit Division of the circuit Court handles all traffic tickets issued by the Highway Patrol and Henry County Sheriff’s Department; misdemeanor criminal cases; preliminary hearings in felony criminal cases; and all municipal court for those Henry County towns of Calhoun, Deepwater, Montrose, Urich, and Windsor.  Also filed in the Associate Division are some civil lawsuits, usually involving disputes over less than $25,000, including such matters as collection of debts, unpaid rent, vehicle accidents, etc.  In Small Claims Division people can file civil lawsuits for under $3,000.  Probate Division handles the estates of persons who die, those who are in need of a guardian or conservator to take care of them and/or their assets due to some mental or physical disability or incapacity, and alleged to be in need to mental health treatment.


     In addition to hearing cases in the Associate, Small Claims and Probate Divisions, Associate Circuit Judge Harold L. Dump hears cases from the Division involving dissolution of marriage (divorce), child custody, visitation, child support, and adult abuse (ex parte) orders.

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