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RSMo Chapter 58


Term of office, four years


Commissioned by Governor to investigate all deaths that occur away from recent medical care (has not been seen by a physician in the thirty-two hours preceding death).


Investigate the death of any child under the age of 18 no matter where the death occurs.


Coroner must rule on the cause and manner of death. Cause is the direct medical reason for death.  Manner of death are: natural, suicide, accidental, and homicide.

Coroner can call a Coroner’s Inquest to investigate a death, can issue subpoenas, compel testimony, and incarcerate for contempt of inquest.


Miscellaneous Duties Include:


Coroner is a conservator of the peace, can bear arms, and arrest fleeing fugitives of justice.


Coroner takes possession of all property on person.

Coroner makes death notification to next of kin in a limited number of hours.


Coroner orders autopsies and other tests.


Coroner arranges for disposal of the remains of indigent persons.


Coroner orders embalming.


Coroner performs the duties of the sheriff when the office becomes vacated.


Coroner orders blood and other tests for alcohol percentage for all traffic and boating deaths.


Coroner orders blood test for infectious disease.


Coroner signs death certificate.


Coroner is responsible for the burial of indigent persons.

Organ Donation and other Programs


Missouri Coroners Association  active in organ donation.

Talk it over program to discuss funeral arrangements.


Contact Information:


Address: 100 West Franklin, Clinton, Missouri 64735


Telephone: (660) 525-2775

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