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100 West Franklin Clinton, MO 64735


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Webmaster: Kelly Marriott


Hours for the Henry County Courthouse

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


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for your Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes at

Message from Patricia Doll Henry County Circuit Clerk


For any payments normally made in the Circuit Clerk's Office, those can be mailed to the office address: 100 W Franklin St., Rm 212, Clinton, Mo 64735.


Payments may also be left in the drop box which is located at the North door of the Courthouse. The drop box is checked at the top of every hour every day Monday - Friday.


If you provide an address, we will mail a receipt.


When possible, please use the Court's website at to make a payment.

Adult Abuse and Child Protection matters should call our office first. All petitions have to be turned in no later than 3:00 pm Monday - Friday. If it is an emergency, please call 911.

Thank you for your cooperation.

In regards to access to the Henry County


We are still here to serve the public, but are taking every precaution to keep our employees and the general public safe.


You may call the office in which you need and it will be up to that office to permit access, if allowed to enter there will be a questionnaire to complete and you may only enter by using the South entrance.


Assessor’s Office: 660-885-7215
Recorder’s Office: 660-885-7210
County Clerk’s/Elections Office: 660-885-7204
Collector/Treasurer: 660-885-7207
Circuit Clerk: 660-885-7232
Prosecuting Attorney: 660-885-7222
Public Administrator: 660-885-7246
County Commission: 660-885-7201
Juvenile Office: 660-885-7248
General Courthouse: 660-885-7200




As of 25 MARCH 2020 Missouri has 356 Positive cases of COVID-19 reported through the CDC. Sadly Missouri also had 8 COVID-19 related deaths, our thoughts and sympathies are with their families.

Henry County, MO has Tested over 115 people for COVID-19 and so far all of our latest lab results are Negative. We have only 1 x Positive Case, and the Patient is still in ICU under medical supervision and still with us.

Johnson County, MO our friends to our North now has 5 x Positive Cases. Our Friends in Benton County, MO also have 1 x Positive Case.

Henry County is not attempting to infringe upon the rights of our citizens. This national emergency is not a game, our citizens health and safety is paramount. Emergency Management is requesting all residents to use some Common Sense and stay at home unless they are engaged in essential activities. Essential activities include working in an essential businesses, obtaining groceries (Not Hoarding), supplies, medications, fuel for vehicles or necessary services, seeking medical care, caring for a family member or loved one, and exercising and maintaining personal health. Individuals are strongly encouraged to practice social distancing to the extent feasible while engaging in these activities, and to stay home if not engaging in one of these specific activities. Please with Sugar on Top!

Health care (doctors, dentists, nurses, hospitals, pharmacies, medical research facilities, blood donation services, labs, etc); Food and drink production and distribution (including grocery stores, markets, restaurants that offer food for carryout, liquor stores); Sanitation (including laundromats, dry cleaners, household and business cleaning services and supply stores); Transportation (including railroads, airports, public transit, taxis and other private transportation providers, and gas stations); Financial Services (including banks, insurance providers, and professional services required to comply with legal and regulatory requirements); Manufacturing and distribution of supplies and materials for essential businesses (including trucking and other supply chain support functions); Maintenance and construction of infrastructure and households; Child care; Essential Government Operations;
Residential facilities (including hotels and motels); Media and Communications Providers; and Mailing, Shipping, and Delivery services.

Do businesses and/or employees need formal certification or identification that they qualify as an essential business and/or are employed at an essential business? No!

Stay in touch with the people close to you, especially those who are social distancing too. Take the time to check on your neighbors especially our seniors. As Americans we will get through these uncertain times. God Bless our Nation!